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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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1. Welding method: ultrasonic vibration with welding head will be transmitted to the ultrasonic welding parts, because of the two welding acoustic resistance, resulting in localized high temperatures, so that the welding part the interface melt. Under a certain pressure, make the two welding parts to achieve beautiful, fast, strong welding effect.
2 implants (plug) method: nuts or other metal for insertion of a plastic workpiece. First ultrasound transmitted to metal, via high-speed vibration, the metal directly embedded in the plastic molding, and the plastic melt, solidification of the complete buried in.
3 riveting method: want to metal and plastic or two pieces of different properties of plastic joint, can use ultrasonic riveting method, make the welding parts is not easy to brittle, beautiful, strong.
4. Welding method: using a small welding head will be two large pieces of plastic products equinox welding, welding or whole rows of toothed direct pressure on the two plastic parts, the spot so as to achieve the effect.
5 molding method: the use of ultrasound to melt the plastic part of the moment, when the plastic solidification can make the metal or other materials plastic solid.
6. removal method: ways to take advantage of the welding head and the base of the special design, when the plastic piece just fired, direct pressure on the plastic branches, to remove the effect of conduction through the ultrasonic.
Metal welding

According to the international traffic, ultrasonic metal welding has four series: spot welding, welding, sealing and cutting, wire harness, widely used in: automotive, refrigeration, solar energy, batteries, electronics and other fields.

Ultrasonic metal welding products:

A. power battery multi positive and negative electrode welding; nickel metal net and nickel sheet welding
B. lithium battery, polymer battery and copper nickel plate welding; welding aluminum and aluminum; aluminum and nickel plate welding
C. automotive wiring harness; wire forming; wire mutual welding; a plurality of wires each welded line of copper and aluminum wire conversion;
D. wire, cable and name of electronic components, contacts, connectors, terminal welding
E. solar cells, flat plate solar heat absorbing plate, aluminum-plastic composite pipe welding, copper and aluminum mosaic


F. electromagnetic switch, no fuse switch current contact, dissimilar metal sheet

G. refrigerator, air conditioning and other industries brass sealing devices; copper, aluminum vacuum sealing and cutting water and air

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